We are convinced of both the physical and socialising benefits of sport. Playing in a team is almost unequalled in its ability to prepare one for the world out there. With that in mind, we insist that all Grade 8 to 11 pupils involve themselves in a sport. We offer both team and individual, competitive and recreational sports. There is a niche for everyone.

Sport is also a vehicle to come together as a school. We celebrate all successes. Pupil leaders read out the week’s sporting achievements, Player of the Match and Sportsperson of the Week, to much applause. Colours ceremonies and awards dinners add a sense of pride and celebration.

Some of our pupils go on to represent the provinces and South Africa, while others represent the school with enormous pride and still others are content with representing the U/14D team and making friends for life.

Games and other less physical activities provide a very large portion of the social side of school life. They healthily and profitably occupy a part of the pupil’s leisure time and teach valuable lessons of give and take, called sportsmanship. Indeed, sport may be regarded as a preparation for life.

Aerobics, fitness and yoga are excluded for pupils in those grades, unless they are done in addition to a team sport. They are also encouraged to get involved in the cultural extramural programme.

Pupils who are heavily committed to formal and organised activities such as dancing or surf-lifesaving may request to be excused from further participation at School. A certificate outlining the nature and extent of the commitment must please be supplied.

Pupils who fail to honour their extramural commitments (e.g. practices or matches) without excusing themselves correctly will be given detention.

Subject to limitations imposed by time, numbers of interested pupils and the availability of appropriate facilities and coaches, we offer a variety of games from which pupils may choose.


Boys:  Athletics, cricket, water polo, swimming (subject to water restrictions), tennis, basketball.
Girls:  Athletics, swimming, tennis, water polo, softball, basketball.

In addition, ALL pupils are expected to take part in athletics during the first term.


Boys:  Rugby, hockey, badminton, squash, cross-country, soccer (squad).
Girls:  Hockey, netball, badminton, soccer, squash, cross-country.

Sports attire:

NOTE: Below are the uniform requirements for Sports matches and practices. Pupils may not blend the school uniform with the sport uniform.


All Teams

  • Matches: White FHHS golf shirt, white long pants, blazer
  • Practice: FHHS white golf white shirt, white shorts, black sport socks/white socks
  • 1st teams match kit: First team cricket top, white long pants,
  • Traveling attire: Match kit and blazer


All teams

  • Matches: Black shorts, Black FHHS vest,
  • Practice: Black shorts, Black FHHS vest
  • 1st teams: Red vest and black long shorts
  • Traveling attire: Match kit and/or tracksuit/ first team jacket

Cross country/ Athletics

  • Practices: Black skorts/ Black shorts/FHHS black vest
  • Races: Black skorts/ Black shorts/FHHS black vest
  • Traveling attire: Match kit and/or tracksuit/ first team jacket


  • Practices and Matches:
  • FHHS black socks
  • Black skorts/ Black shorts
  • FHHS black vest
  • 1st teams: Red top, black shorts/skorts and red socks
  • Traveling attire: Match kit and/or tracksuit/ first team jacket


All teams:

  • FHHS black socks
  • Black rugby shorts
  • FHHS rugby jersey
  • 1st team: White jersey, white shorts and red socks
  • Traveling attire: Uniform/First Team jacket


All teams:

  1. Black shorts
  2. Rugby/soccer socks
  3. FHHS vest
  4. 1st teams: Red top, black shorts and red socks
  5. Traveling attire: Match kit and/or tracksuit/ first team jacket

Badminton/ Squash/ Tennis

All teams:

  • Black shorts
  • White socks
  • FHHS vest
  • 1st team: Red top, black shorts/skorts and white socks
  • Traveling attire: Match kit and/or tracksuit/ first team jacket


  • All teams:
  • Black skorts
  • FHHS black vest
  • 1st teams: Netball dress / Red top and black skort
  • Traveling attire: Match kit and/or tracksuit/ first team jacket

Softball (Girls)

  • White FHHS golf shirt/ FHHS vest
  • Black skorts
  • White socks
  • Tracksuit
  • 1st teams: Red top and black long shorts
  • Traveling attire: Match kit and/or tracksuit/ first team jacket

Swimming / water polo


Girls – one piece racing costume (not what you use on the beach) or polo costume.

  • Boys can wear jammers or a speedo.
  • Swimming cap (any colour is fine, but lycra for swimming). Water polo caps (supplied)
  • Traveling attire: FHHS Golf shirt and black bottoms and/or tracksuit

Inter-house Gala:

  • One piece costume for the girls (may wear a short over it need be). Boys may wear proper tied up boardshorts besides the jammers or speedo.
  • Cap is compulsory, any colour but preferably a school cap.

Interschools Galas:

  • Official FHHS costume for both boys and girls (no other costumes ie bikinis may be worn under the racing costume)
  • Official School Swimming cap
  • Full school tracksuit when traveling to galas.

Water polo matches/Inter-house:

  • Polo costumes and given caps.
  • Full school tracksuit when traveling to matches

Pool & Club

The School is the proud of new Mike Edwards Aquatic Centre, a heated water polo and swimming facility (25m x 8 lanes).

The pool is a wonderful asset but a dangerous facility. Strict discipline is required at all times and the following rules must be observed.

Pool Rules

  1. Pupils must be able to swim unassisted.
  2. Pupils may not enter the pool area without a responsible adult.
  3. Do not run around the pool or on the surrounding grass.
  4. Do not bump/push/throw or pull people into the pool.
  5. Do not walk or stand on the FILTER COVERS.
  6. Do not fool around in the pool area (EVER), e.g. duck swimmers, dive- bomb etc.
  7. Only TEAM swimmers may use the starting blocks (under instruction from the coach). No one else may use or stand on them.
  8. Swim caps are COMPULSORY for both boys and girls WHILE IN THE POOL. This rule also applies to all water polo players.
  9. No board shorts or bikinis allowed whilst in training for any code.
  10. Do not spit or urinate in the pool or surrounding grass areas.
  11. Do not dive into the pool unless instructed to do so by the coach.
  12. Do not hang on the lane ropes, unless there is an emergency.
  13. Do not eat at the poolside or in the pool. Do not leave any litter behind you.
  14. The Sports Hall changing rooms may be used. However, do not enter the hall with wet feet. Please dry them before you enter the hall.
  15. No ball games are allowed except legitimate water polo drills.
  16. Jewellery may not be worn.

Any deviation from the above rules will result in the removal of the offender from the pool area.