“Service and Truth” has been the motto of Fish Hoek High School for more than sixty years, and the service programme is an integral component of our school. Because we understand that people are social and interdependent beings, the programme seeks to go beyond charity and to work together in solidarity within the school and between school and community. The service programme seeks to share resources and collaborate in projects that are grounded in consistent ongoing work, in a way that is mutually beneficial for all. Without pursuit of reward and recognition, we respond to the most natural of human impulses: to be of service to others.

We return that which we have received. We tangibly express gratitude and appreciation in acknowledgement that we have received so much and that there are others who can only wish to be in our shoes.

After our last matric exam, we leave 120 pairs of shoes down the corridor to symbolise just that. The only civvies days we hold are to raise funds in support of charities. We work in crèches, orphanages and primary schools. We provide extra-lessons to young children, which evolves into mentoring. We make sandwiches for others and provide them for our own pupils who may be in need. Thanks to our belief that “no one stays behind”, no pupil is denied the opportunity to go on a sports tour through lack of funds, the team raises the money.

  • Promotions Committee
  • Catering (Gr 10 ­- 12)
  • Community Outreach
  • Impact


Grade Heads & Supervisors

Mr G Fish Grade 12 Supervisor
Mr R Douglas Grade 12 Head
Dr L Strydom Grade 12 Head
Mr H de LangeGrade 11 Supervisor
Mrs BowermanGrade 11 Head
Ms E JoubertGrade 11 Head
Ms A GrobbelaarGrade 10 Supervisor
Ms D StofbergGrade 10 Head
Mr R RadcliffGrade 10 Head
Mr S JoubertGrade 9 Supervisor
Mr D MackenzieGrade 9 Head
Mrs R VrahimisGrade 9 Head
Mrs J ArmstrongGrade 8 Supervisor
Mr A SandersGrade 8 Head
Ms L ElsGrade 8 Head