For over sixty years, “Service and Truth” has been the motto of our school, with our service programme being a vital part of our school. Understanding that people are social and interdependent, our programme aims to move beyond charity, fostering solidarity both within our school and with the community. We focus on sharing resources and collaborating on projects rooted in consistent, ongoing efforts that benefit everyone involved. Acting without the pursuit of reward or recognition, we respond to the fundamental human impulse to be of service to others.

We return that which we have received. We tangibly express gratitude and appreciation in acknowledgement that we have received so much and that there are others who can only wish to be in our shoes.

After our final matric exam, we leave 120 pairs of shoes down the corridor to symbolise our journey. The only civvies days we hold are to raise funds for charities. We volunteer in crèches, orphanages, and primary schools, providing extra lessons that often evolve into mentoring. We make sandwiches for others and for our own learners who may be in need. Guided by our belief that “no one stays behind,” no learner is denied the opportunity to go on a sports tour due to lack of funds—the team raises the necessary money.

Service Clubs

Blood DriveOutreach
First Aid (Gr10-12)Impact
Catering ClubPeer Counsellors
Library MonitorsYear Book (Gr12)
Prom Comm
Eco Comm