We perform exceptionally well academically, matching the standards of some of the top schools nearby. High-achieving senior learners, with aggregate scores exceeding 90%, are honoured with black blazers. Our highest performers consistently make the Dean’s Merit Lists and excel beyond graduation. Maintaining a failure rate of less than 2% across the entire school is a point of pride for us.

This success is the result of dedicated efforts from teachers, grade teams, and counsellors. We motivate learners to improve their performance through graded bookmarks, and outstanding academic work is recognized with principal’s awards.

Offering a wide range of 18 subjects allows learners to explore various fields, including humanities, arts, sciences, and technical paths. However, our most valuable asset is our teachers, who consistently go above and beyond. Providing 20 hours of free extra lessons per week is just one example of their commitment.

Learners are held accountable for their academic responsibilities, with strict policies in place for work submission. Those who do not respect the learning environment may face consequences.

We believe in the importance of rights and responsibilities, emphasising that with rights come duties.