We punch way, way above our weight. Our matric results are comparable with some of the top schools over the mountain. We award black blazers to senior pupils achieving aggregates in excess of 90%. Our top end soars, making Dean’s Merit Lists, graduating and beyond. We pride ourselves in sustaining a failure rate of under 2% across the whole school.

This is the product of dogged and tireless interventions by educators, grade teams and councillors alike. The pupils in between are challenged via graded bookmarks to “up” their individual performance. Both outstanding and most improved academic work, is sent to the office for principal’s awards.

The offering of 18 different subjects ensures that pupils have the option to explore the humanities, arts, sciences, technical and practical paths. The finest resource we have at Fish Hoek High School is the educators themselves. They go beyond the ask; time and time again. 20 hours of free extra-lessons a week is an inadequate example of such.

Pupils are academically accountable. Work submission policies are in place. If a pupil does not respond to an educator’s insistence that others have the right to learn, then the pupil may be side-lined.

With rights, come responsibilities.