Student Representative Council (SRC)

At Fish Hoek High School, we have a student governance body called the Forum, which officially represents our learners. Made up of members from each grade, the Forum plays a crucial role in the school’s management and builds a culture of learning. 

Our school annually elects a Student Representative Council (SRC) from the eleventh graders who have taken a leadership course called Cirrus and are chosen by both learners and staff. This council has taken over the roles traditionally held by prefects, and in a similar modernisation, the positions of Head Boys and Girls have evolved into Head and Deputy Head Students, appointed without consideration of gender. 

Senior leaders undergo four to six months of mandatory training, embodying the principle that significant responsibilities are accompanied by substantial expectations. The Cirrus group provides a unique Grade 11 opportunity for personal leadership development, spanning four months as well. Its importance is well-established, with about 80 learners participating each year. Participation in Cirrus is a necessary step for those aiming to join the school’s representative council.

The SRC is pivotal in serving the student body, facilitating communication between learners and staff, and helping manage the school. Its primary role is to be a service organisation, though it also plays a significant part in maintaining the school’s Code of Conduct.

We are dedicated to offering numerous leadership and development opportunities across all grades. Besides the SRC and Forum, we also have Grade Leadership Teams elected by learners and staff. These teams aim to lead through service, support the Code of Conduct, and provide personal growth opportunities. Like the SRC and Forum, they offer practical lessons in participatory democracy.

The SRC spearheads learner activities in five key areas: Academic, Culture, Sport, Service, and Spirit, leading initiatives and representing learner interests across these domains.

2024 Student Representative Council

Congratulations to the new 2024 SRC and wishing you all the very best for the next 12 months.

2024 SRC Fish Hoek High School


There are over 200 leadership opportunities available for learners from Grades 8 to 12, offering training and progressively greater responsibilities. Our leaders handle budgets, ensure learner compliance, represent and promote “Brand Fish Hoek” in public, and act as ambassadors. The unveiling of the new SRC each year brings an electrifying atmosphere, marking one of the annual highlights.