Student Representative Council (SRC)

At Fish Hoek High School the statutory representative body of the pupils is known as the Forum.  The Forum, consisting of representatives of each grade, assists with the management of the School and works to build the culture of learning.  Technically, the SRC has been a sub-committee of the Forum. 

The High School has a Student Representative Council (SRC) which is elected each year from the Grade 11s by the pupils and staff.  The SRC replaced the traditional prefect body, just as the Head and Deputy Head Students replaced the Head Boys and Head Girls.  The Head Students are appointed without gender bias.

The SRC serves the pupil body in many ways, acting as a conduit for communication between the pupils and staff and assists in the management of the School.  While the SRC has a major responsibility in upholding the Code of Conduct, it is primarily a service body for the pupils and community.

There is a commitment to provide as many leadership and development opportunities as possible across all grades. In addition to the SRC and Forum, Grade Leadership Teams are also elected by both pupils and Staff.  They are designed to lead through service, to uphold the Code of Conduct and to give pupils opportunities for personal growth. As with the SRC and Forum, they provide valuable and effective lessons in participatory democracy.

The SRC will lead the pupils’ activities in six wings of the School, namely Academic, Culture, Sport, Service, Pupils and Spirit.

2023 Student Representative Council

Our wonderful SRC 2023 has just been announced. Congratulations to the new SRC and wishing you all the very best for the next 12 months.


There are more than 200 leadership opportunities from Grade 8 through to Matric. Leaders are trained and given increasingly greater responsibilities and opportunities. It is the drive of the current SRC that has seen us attempting to employ a Xhosa educator for next year’s Grade 8s.

Our leaders manage budgets, ensure pupil compliance, speak and act in public and are ambassadors for “Brand Fish Hoek”. The energy at the announcement of the new SRC is one of the highlights of the year. There are four months of obligatory training for senior leadership: great responsibilities come with great expectations. The Cirrus group is a Grade 11 opportunity for personal leadership growth, which also stretches over four months. Its value is entrenched, as about 80 pupils make use of this opportunity annually. It is a prerequisite for standing for the school’s representative council.