School Governing Body

Our school is under the governance of the Western Cape Education Department. In line with other state schools, the day-to-day management is in the hands of the principal, along with staff. To support us in funding, guidance, and assistance, we have a school Governing Body comprising thirteen members, elected every three years. Seven of these members must be parents of our learners, chosen by the parent community, to ensure their voices are heard. Additionally, five members are elected by our staff and learners to represent their perspectives. Our principal automatically holds a position in this body, helping to bridge the gap between governance and administration.

The chief duties of the school Governing Body are to:

  1. determine the language and admission policies;
  2. be the official mouthpiece of the parents;
  3. exercise general supervision over the grounds, buildings, furniture and equipment of the school;
  4. appoint (or recommend to the WCED the appointment of) educational, administrative and other staff;
  5. determine the school uniform and dress regulations;
  6. make recommendations regarding school hours and extra-mural activities;
  7. prepare and have an annual budget for the school approved and levy, enforce and administer the school fees;
  8. adopt a code of conduct (in which the school rules are included) for learners.

The school Governing Body is accountable to both the parents and the Western Cape Education Department, and all official business with the Department must be transacted through the Board.

Once elected, in terms of the SA schools Act, the school Governing Body has full power to act within the scope of its duties.

Sub-committees of the Board

Our Board operates through a network of sub-committees to manage the wide range of activities within the school. These sub-committees, including Finance, Buildings and Grounds, Uniform, and Discipline, are responsible for preparing reports and recommendations for the Board. To enhance our work, some of these sub-committees might also include parents and community members who have been invited to join by the Board.

The School Governing Body’s Vision

Our vision for the school is to be a community hub that:

  • Offers a secure, reliable, and affordable environment, staffed and furnished to deliver an educational programme that is compassionate, open-minded, forward-thinking, engaging, and pertinent;
  • Readies learners for the next stage of their lives;
  • Fosters well-rounded individuals who are confident, effective, responsible, self-disciplined, empathetic, environmentally aware, and content;
  • Earns understanding and respect;
  • Operates efficiently based on solid financial principles.