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Our Mission & Vision

“Excellence at your doorstep” is the vision of Fish Hoek High School. To this end, the school strives to provide an effective and dynamic learning environment.

The school’s mission is to inspire pupils to reach their full potential, to make a difference. This ideal is based on four core values: Respect, Responsibility, Service and Truth.

Fish Hoek High School is a dynamic, vibrant and never-sleeping new South African high school. Building on over 60 years of excellence, the school continues to evolve, constantly seeking relevance and authenticity and quite simply celebrating the joy of being alive.

We seek to inspire our pupils to reach their full potential, to go on from us to powerfully impact society in a positive way.

We are unanimous in our belief that the only true approach to education is holistic. It should embrace physical, social, intellectual and spiritual opportunities.

The Fish Hoek Way

The Fish Hoek way is that:

Our History

Fish Hoek High School opened its doors in January 1954 with three Grade 8 (Std 6) classes housed in temporary accommodation in 3rd Avenue. A term later the school moved into a prefabricated building on the site now used by Fish Hoek Primary School on Recreation Road.

As the valley grew in popularity, increasing pupil numbers resulted in the splitting of Fish Hoek High School into Fish Hoek Middle School and Fish Hoek Senior High School in 1985. The two schools each had three grades. The split lasted until 2007 when Grade 7 returned to the Fish Hoek Primary School campus. The financial loss incurred as a result of this change led to the decision to merge Fish Hoek Senior High School and Fish Hoek Middle School in 2009.

Over the years the school has been a pioneer in many aspects of education e.g. adult education – from which False Bay College in Muizenberg grew – and the split high school concept, which today fits the phases of the new curriculum and is now slowly being adopted by other state schools – too late for the valley, unfortunately.

Outstanding features of the school have been the supportive parent body and well-qualified, experienced and stable staff. As a result, the school has produced many well-rounded, confident students who have gone out and made their mark on the world.

The School Badge

The plume of ostrich feathers is inspired by the Prince of Wales feathers and are used here to represent service. The prince’s motto is “Ich dien”.

The paschal lamb was incorporated into the crest to represent the de Villiers’ family who owned the farm on which Fish Hoek has grown. The lamb is an important symbol in more than one religion.

Fish Hoek High School

The torch of learning: The school is a source of knowledge and light.

The motto ministerium veritasque, or Service and Truth, upholds important guiding principles.

The School Song

Verse 1.

Standing proud near the shore of the bay
There’s a school which serves the land,
Where love of knowledge of this world
With love of man goes hand in hand.

Service and truth is the motto we bear
Service and truth is our lifelong prayer,
Guiding our footsteps everywhere,
Service and Truth!

Verse 2.

Working hard with the will to succeed
We strive to give of our best.
We try each day to work and play
For each life must be lived with zest.

Service and truth…………..

Verse 3.

Growing strong as we live a full life,
We face each challenge unbowed
Protected by our God and Father
Fish Hoek High stands strong and proud.

Service and truth………