Our Mission & Vision

For 70 years, Fish Hoek High School has been dedicated to the vision of “Learning to Make a Difference.”

We aim to inspire learners to achieve their best and make a positive impact. This goal is underpinned by our commitment to four fundamental values: Respect, Responsibility, Service, and Truth. 

The Fish Hoek Way

The Fish Hoek way is that:

Our History

We opened our doors at Fish Hoek High School in January 1954, beginning with one class in a welcoming temporary setting on 3rd Avenue. At the time, we were known as Fish Hoek Secondary School. Shortly after that, we transitioned to a prefabricated building on what is now the site of Fish Hoek Primary School, situated on Recreation Road. We were later declared a high school when the founding class was in Standard 8, known today as Grade 10. At that stage, there were three classes, one for each grade.

As our valley blossomed in popularity and our community grew, our learner community also flourished, leading to the structure we are currently situated in, which was established in 1985. We expanded into Fish Hoek Middle School and Fish Hoek Senior High School, each hosting three grades, to accommodate our growing family. In 2007, we embraced the opportunity to reintegrate Grade 7s into Fish Hoek Primary School. Despite this reintegration’s financial challenges, it ultimately reinforced our unity, prompting us to merge the Senior High and Middle schools again in 2009 with a renewed purpose.

We’ve been at the forefront of pioneering educational practices, such as Adult Education, which blossomed into the esteemed False Bay College at the once Fish Hoek Middle School site. 

The incredible support from our parent community and the dedication of our well-qualified and experienced staff have always uplifted our school’s spirit. This nurturing environment has enabled us to build countless well-rounded, confident learners who have ventured forth from our nurturing halls to achieve remarkable success and make significant contributions to the world.

The School Badge

The plume of ostrich feathers or Prince of Wales feathers represent service. The prince’s motto is “Ich dien”.

The paschal lamb: The crest of the de Villiers’ family who owned the farm on which Fish Hoek has grown. The lamb is an important symbol in more than one religion.

Fish Hoek High School

The torch of learning: The School is a source of knowledge and light.

The motto ministerium veritasque, or Service and Truth, upholds important guiding principles.

The School Song

Verse 1.

Standing proud near the shore of the bay
There’s a school which serves the land,
Where love of knowledge of this world
With love of man goes hand in hand.

Service and truth is the motto we bear
Service and truth is our lifelong prayer,
Guiding our footsteps everywhere,
Service and Truth!

Verse 2.

Working hard with the will to succeed
We strive to give of our best.
We try each day to work and play
For each life must be lived with zest.

Service and truth…………..

Verse 3.

Growing strong as we live a full life,
We face each challenge unbowed
Protected by our God and Father
Fish Hoek High stands strong and proud.

Service and truth………