CONDITIONS FOR AWARD – SERVICE2017-11-22T16:57:01+02:00

Conditions for Awards


Colours will be awarded at the end of term 3 (unless there is an exceptional matric candidate), to a Grade 10 – 12 learner who has done exceptional work for the school, shown good leadership or has in some way brought special recognition to the school.

  1. Team Award – may be made to pupils from Grade 10 – 12 having completed at least one year of service, provided that their services have been of a consistently high standard.
  2. Half Colours – may be awarded only to pupils who have completed a second year of above average service to the school.
  3. Full Colours – may be awarded to pupils who have rendered outstanding service to the school for a period of three years. Consideration will also be given to those who have offered exceptional service over more than one service activity.
  4. Honours – may be awarded to pupils who have rendered outstandingly exceptional service to the school and the community.