Colour Criteria

Basis for colour awards

The whole system of colour awards at this school is in line with the terms of our Mission Statement that:

“.. each person is important as an individual”

“.. each person should be encouraged to realise his/her potential”

and our commitment to

“.. the promotion of the educational, social, personal and social  development of our students”, and

“.. the striving for excellence”

and our seeking to

“.. raise the status, image and spirit of the school and its students through their accomplishments”.

Awards are not only well earned rewards and recognition of attainment, but they are a positive reinforcement of the qualities of determination, dedication, commitment and excellence.

To be eligible for cultural and sporting awards, sustained involvement for the whole season is expected of the pupil. The general conduct of a candidate must be acceptable for him/her to be considered for any colours. Objections against any candidate will be discussed by the colours committee and the decision of that committee is final.


The colours committee for awards will consist of the principal, sports administrator and the heads of the academic, sport, culture and service wings. In addition, certain senior coaches for specific codes may be invited to attend the discussion of their candidates. The enclosed guidelines will direct the decisions made, but the final decision is that of the awards committee.

Sports awards will be made with the proviso that the school participates (both practices and competes together) in the activity on a regular inter-schools’ basis (at least three times per season). All awards will be made at the discretion of the colours’ committee, who will act on the recommendations made by coaches or teachers in charge of the different activities. The judgement and experience of these teachers is of prime importance in making awards, especially where it is impossible to lay down objective criteria.

The awards will have 5 tiers:


Red scroll
For a high % of appearances at the school’s highest level of participation
Grade 8 or 9 pupils, may be awarded a team scroll to wear on their blazer.


Badge with silver wreath and silver scroll.
For above average achievement at the school’s highest level.


Badge with gold wreath and gold scroll.
For achievement at a provincial or at a consistently high level.


Black blazer with lurex, full colours badge and “honours”. For exceptional achievement at U/17 or higher provincial level, or as specifically stated. Further, it can be awarded to a pupil in Grade 11 or 12 who is versatile, achieving full colours across three facets: academic, sport, culture or service, or two and election onto the SRC (conditional on continued active involvement in the life of the school). Matrics achieving a black blazer in the final exams will receive a plaque at the “A” aggregate assembly in January.


For achievement at national level, recognised from U/17 upwards, or as specifically stated.

Black blazer with gold cuff braiding, full colours badge and “distinctions”

Further to the above           


Staff are encouraged to nominate two pupils from Grade 8 or 9 per activity (sporting, cultural or service), where their performance is of such a standard that they are clearly headed towards earning colours as a senior. It is acceptable for no nomination, or just one, to be made if the standard doesn’t merit the two awards. To award more than two would have to be strongly nominated. The badge will be a scroll, which may be worn on the left breast of the school jersey.


Pupils participating in non-school sports/activities may be considered, providing their performance equates to provincial selection or would place them amongst the better performers in the province. The award may only be made to pupils in Grade 10 and above. The award will be a lapel badge and may be worn on the blazer lapel only.


Awarded to any pupil attaining selection to a South African team in the U/17 age group or higher, whether for a school activity or not.


In awarding colours, the claims of pupils will be considered according to the following rules:

Colours will only be awarded in cases of real merit.

  1. Normally, colours will be awarded only to senior learners. In exceptional cases, learners in Grades 8 and 9 may be considered. Team awards can, however, not be awarded to Grade 8 and 9 pupils. Those eligible, would be eligible for a Junior Award
  1. Subject to the provisions, colours will be awarded as early as possible in the Grade 12 year to allow learners to wear them while still at school.
  1. Colours will not be awarded/or will be withheld for a time for sport, cultural and academic activities or service if the learner concerned has neglected his/her schoolwork, including repeatedly failing to submit work; and they will not be awarded for academic merit to a learner who is physically fit, but takes no part in school sport or other extramural activities.
  1. To obtain colours in any field, a pupil must be considered a credit to the school. If, after a pupil has been awarded colours, he/she then does something which the school judges to have detracted from its good name, the school reserves the right to cancel the award, withdraw any emblems or suspend the award for a period of time at the principal’s discretion.
  1. Awards will usually be made at the end of the first and third term, but at the discretion of the colours committee, they may be made at any time, particularly so for matric pupils. Culture and service awards will be made at the end of term 3 (subject to the previous sentence).