Every Saturday About 50 to 60 grade 12 learners, make their own way to a socially spaced Lecture Theatre. Learners from FHHS do screening and the outside doors are locked at 08:15.

About 20 to 25 come from Masi, 10 to 15 from Simon’s Town and 10 to 15 from Ocean View. Mr Rob gives attendance reports to the teachers of each school and he is in weekly contact with the teachers. Recently we have a volunteer teacher Peter Robinson and engineer Brent O’callahan, who are assisting.

Mr Rob also offers online and Whatsapp maths support. Each school has their own Whatsapp group where all their learners receive notes, questions and memos. Mr Rob was able to continue this support through lockdown all last year. Individual learners send questions and I give feedback.

Gr 12 learners pictured: Cassandra Skye van Hollstein (FHHS), Lihle Mnyebe (Simons Town HS), Anna Gondwana (Masi HS) and Anesipho Mona (Ocean View HS)