Dear Parents

1.  Reports: have been activated and are available for viewing on the parent portal.

2.  BAW ratings on reports: click here  for explanations for the Behaviour, Work and Attitude codes.

3.  Top Tens for term 1.  click here .  Well done to all who achieved their potential.

4.  Work:  Although the days’ lost will be gained from shorter June, Sep holidays, we have set work for pupils to do by 14 April.  Substantial work has been set for grade 12 pupils in order not to lose academic momentum – and to reduce pressure later in the year.  Grade 8-11 pupils have been given revision activities and, where applicable, projects to start on. See attachments or click on the links below.  Most subject classes have WhatsApp groups through which information is shared.

FET WORK  G10-12      GET WORK  G8-9

5.  Subject Changes:  Grade 11 pupils only have until 20 April to change subjects (depending on capacity).  Please communicate with the Grade Team on 14 April if you need to discuss this further.  Grade 10 pupils may change subjects in the 1st 2 weeks of term 2 and then again at then again by the 1st week of term 3 – no changes are permitted after that.  Grade 12 pupils may not change any subjects.

6. Queries regarding portal access, email changes, work access and reports can only be attended to until 11:00 on Friday 20 March.

Thank you for your support in these uncertain times. Should schools not be able to reopen DAY 7 on 14 April, more comprehensive interactive work will be communicated.

Kind regards

Allison Grobbelaar


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