The Tempest – FHHS Production 2019

Our 2019 Drama production is a retelling of the classic tale “The Tempest” which was first written by Shakespeare in 1610. Our version has been rescripted and especially devised for Fish Hoek High School by Caroline Esterhuizen. The production features the original characters such as Prospero, Caliban and Ariel as well as a chorus of narrators, The Elements who are uniquely FHHS –  Aqua, Ignis, Ventus and Terra! This is the story of long awaited revenge. Prospero and her daughter have been marooned on an island for 16 years after she was chased out of the royal household in Naples. With the charms of Ariel (her seas sprite), she lures the usurping nobles onto the island in a great storm. After some trickery and foolish meandering Love wins through and there is a romantic and happy ever after. A truly student-based production, to highlight and develop the incredible talent at FHHS from performance to singing, backstage,musicians, lighting and make-up.

Don’t miss this special production.


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