The Reds have a 9 point water conservation plan!

Dear Parents/Guardians

9 Point Water Conservation

The water crisis is alarming and requires concerted effort from us all to conserve. The school will be implementing the following measures as from early next week. Please support by reinforcing our decisions:

There will be no swimming or water polo until further notice.
The pool’s water will be pumped up into the roof cistern which feeds the majority of our toilets and simultaneously supplemented by filtered borehole water.
Our ground water cannot pass through the schools plumbing untreated. The decision regarding a pool cover, is being fast tracked.
The pool will therefore serve as a reservoir should Day Zero be reached. A separate letter will be directed to the swimming and water polo families.
We are installing wall mounted hand sanitizers in all bathrooms.
Water will be cut off to all but two of the basins in each set of bathrooms. Those left open will be reduced to trickle flow. An adequate alternate water supply will be kept for those with medical or other needs.
All showers in change rooms will be cut off.
All but the downstairs toilet blocks will be locked during teaching time.
Pupils and educators need to be more responsible for providing for their own hydration needs and bring from home. There are two drinking water fountains, one in the main quad and the other outside the sports hall that will remain accessible at all times. Further, pupils can purchase water from the dispenser and tuckshop as available.
Families that have excess grey water, beyond usable need, are encouraged to drop off a 2 litre plastic bottle outside the admin entrance to the school. If not otherwise required, it would be good to keep some of the gardens alive.
Drain pipes will be “fitted” with barrels. The Sports Hall’s roof already drains through to the pool area storage tanks.

We will continue to educate our pupils about the critical situation and to creatively discuss further initiatives.


Gavin Fish

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