Ban the Sarmie

Cheese sarmies ARE SO last year.  There are so many lunch options to make the long school day more interesting.  Salads in a jar are the new sarmies; just put your bits and dressing in first and your lettuce on top.  Give it a quick shake before eating at break.  That way your lettuce will stay fresh and crisp.

For the carb conscious, a dip with heaps of fresh veggie sticks is the bomb.  For those super active boys and girls, the same thing with a bread roll or two will do the trick.

Health Jar

For those who bore easily, how about a lunch buffet.  Nuts, dried fruit, fresh fruit, veggie sticks, dip, crackers, biltong, crunchiest – hey; the list is endless.  Give your Mom a list of your favourite things and toss them into your lunch box at night.  Unless of course you are one of the spoilt ones – who has a Mom who still packs their lunch!  And now that summer is here, pop your juice into the freezer at night; it’ll be perfect to drink by first break.


Bottom layer, baby tomatoes, onion rings, add dressing, next layer, cucumber slices, green pepper, then add feta and olives.  Lettuce goes right on top.  Give it a shake just before eating.

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