Grade 8 and 9 pupils are considered to be in the General Education and Training Phase. The learning areas are prescribed. In addition, grade 8 pupils will have Computer Literacy.


Grades 8 & 9

All candidates must offer the following:

Language, Literacy and Communications (LLC):
English Home Language and Afrikaans as an Additional First Language or as

Home Language.Mathematical Literacy, Mathematics & Mathematical Science (MLMMS)Natural Science (NS): Science & BiologySocial Sciences (SS): Geography & HistoryCreative Arts (CA) with two of four electives: Dance, Drama, Music & Art.TechnologyEconomic & Management Sciences (EMS) including Accounting.Life Orientation (LO), Guidance


FET (Further Education & Training)

Fish Hoek High School offers a wide range of subjects for grades 10 to 12 in order to cateri for diverse needs.  Subjects offered are divided into six groups and pupils should choose a different subject from each group.  In addition, all pupils have to take Life Orientation.  


Subjects will only be offered if (a) there are enough applicants to make a class viable and (b) teachers are available.   The subject choice for each grade will be retained for the three-year course, as far as possible.  


Strict selection takes place in subjects for which there is a high demand.  Marks achieved in the Grade 9 examinations and some form of aptitude or entrance test written before the end of the year may be used as a basis for selection.  A portfolio of work or attendance at a practical session may be required for Visual Art and Design.


In the Further Education and Training (FET) curriculum, seven subjects must be offered with two languages. Mathematics or Mathematics Literacy and Life Orientation being compulsory




  • Please note that the WCED has imposed restrictions on changing subjects. In Grades 10 and 11, only two subjects may be changed. The changes must be completed before the end of July. In Grade 12 only one subject may be changed and the deadline is the end of January. Changes in Grades 11 and 12 need Departmental approval.


  1. Pupils who want to do Physical Science are expected to offer Mathematics.
  2. It may be possible to take Information Technology privately or at a Departmental Centre such as at SACS. Please note that pupils may only take either Information Technology or Computer Applications Technology, not both.
  3. At present, Computer Applications Technology, Design, Hospitality and Electrical Technology do NOT earn applicants as many points for entrance to tertiary institutions (with the exception of CPUT) as the so-called “Designated Subjects”, which corresponded in most cases to the former Higher Grade subjects.
  4. Dance Studies, French, German, Xhosa and Music 2nd Instrument may also be offered privately in certain circumstances, subject to consultation.


The details of the subjects offered are outlined in the Subject Choice Booklet which will be published in July when the grade 9s will make their subject choices for Grade 10.




Pupils with immigrant-status qualify for certain exemptions, depending upon their grade.

Immigrant status may be granted to:

  • Pupils who 1st enrolled in a South African school in grade 7 or higher
  • Pupils who have attended schools outside SA for two or more consecutive years after grade 3 before returning
  • A child/dependant of a foreign diplomat accredited in SA
  • The pupil must have the relevant documentation from Home Affairs (study permit if a parent is not an SA citizen) and the official documentation from the first school attended in SA


Grades 8 & 9:

Pupils who qualify as “immigrants” must take Afrikaans – and complete all SBAs – but are exempt from having to achieve the 40% pass requirement (must pass English with at least 30% and, if achieving less than 30% in Afrikaans, they must pass ALL their other subjects)

Grades 10-12:

Pupils who qualify as “immigrants” may take another approved language (e.g. French at an external centre) OR another approved school subject (usually History) which is done with teacher-assistance on a self-study basis.



It is very difficult to indicate briefly the best method of selecting subjects for Grade 10. The following suggestions are offered:

  1. Choose subjects which will ensure general success and in which you have an interest.
  2. Subject to the above, offer Mathematics and a science-oriented subject if possible. This will lead to the greatest flexibility after school.
  3. Consider potential career directions, but remember that these may well change in the coming years.  
  1. Seek advice from your current teachers and the staff.


GRADES 10, 11 & 12 2015

1. English Home Language
2. Afrikaans First Additional Language
3. Mathematics Mathematics Literacy
4. Physical SciencesLife Sciences Computer Applications TechnologyTourism
5. Life Sciences Computer Applications Technology

Electrical Technology

GeographyHospitality Studies


Visual Arts

6. Accounting Design

Dramatic Arts

Engineering Graphics & Design

Geography History

Hospitality Studies