Fish Hoek High School opened its doors in January 1954 with three Std 6 classes (grade 8) housed in temporary accommodation in 3rd Avenue.  A term later the school moved into a prefabricated building on the site now used by the Fish Hoek Primary School, on Recreation Road.


As the valley grew in popularity, increasing pupil numbers resulted in the splitting of the Fish Hoek High School into the Fish Hoek Middle School and Fish Hoek Senior High School in 1985. The two schools each had three grades.  The split lasted until 2007 when the Fish Hoek Primary School was given the grade 7s back again.  The financial loss incurred as a result of this change led to the decision to merge Senior High and Middle Schools again in 2009.


Over the years the School has pioneered in many aspects of education e.g. Adult Education – from which grew the False Bay College in Muizenberg – and the split high school concept, which today fits the phases of the new curriculum and is now slowly being adopted by other state schools – too late for the Valley, unfortunately.


Outstanding features of School have been the supportive parent body and well-qualified, experienced and stable staff. As a result the School has produced many well-rounded, confident students who have gone out and made their marks on the world.




LEARNING TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE has been the vision of the Fish Hoek High School. To do this the School should be dynamic and effective.


The School’s mission is to inspire pupils to reach their potential, to make a difference.”. This ideal is based on Four Core Values: Respect, Responsibility, Service and Truth.